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Product Information – POPY™ Silicone Shelf Pessary

Silicone Shelf Pessary:  POPY™

A conservative, cost effective solution for 2nd / 3rd degree prolapse or procidentia

Working together with clinicians and patients, Mediplus has developed the world’s first silicone shelf pessary. With feedback from both clinical staff and patients, we are able to offer the user a pessary that is anatomically shaped, easier for clinicians to insert and remove, and is made from silicone to provide comfort and support for the patient with pelvic organ prolapse.

  1. Soft and malleable for easier fitting and removal
  2. Anatomically shaped
  3. Decreased risk of urethral occlusion
  4. High quality medical grade silicone
  5. Autoclavable
  6. 10 year shelf life